WHY Lyft-Hertz Express Car Rental in B’Mo works

WHY Lyft-Hertz Express Car Rental in B'Mo works
WHY Lyft-Hertz Express Car Rental in B’Mo works

It’s the people. The beautiful people you see in the banner photo above, greet customers with a hello, good morning and a smile.  In this day and age, it seems as if everyone’s in a hurry to get nowhere fast. Common courtesy, a genuine smile and customer service seems to be a lost art.  I thought the same thing until I walked into The Lyft-Hertz Express offices located inside of The Pep Boys shop in Baltimore City, Md

I approached a table where Harry & Mya were seated. They both greeted me with a smile and gave me excellent eye contact. As it turns out, I was four hours early for my appointment. Talk about overzealous.

Maya apologized for not being able to take me prior to my original appointment. And then she did something quite unusual. I figured I would find someplace close by to have breakfast while I waited. Maya offered to pay for my Lyft both to and from the restaurant. WTF!! Am I on candid camera? Am I being punked and where is Ashton Kutcher hiding?

When I returned, I was then introduced to another millennial. Her name is “Z”. She, too, was:  Professional, Present, Courteous, and Friendly.

She even complimented my purse and earrings. We were having a sistah-girl moment.

“Z” took me to pick out a car. I patiently waited for approximately 90-minutes while the young man washed and cleaned the car.  When the car was presented to me, there were a couple of areas on the console that needed to be wiped down. I very politely brought this to the attention of the car detailer. He graciously went over the inside of the car for me. By the time I pulled out of that pep boys- I would be receiving a beautiful heart-2-heart hug from this young millennial man.

I returned on Thursday, Nov 8, 2018- for my 28-day inspection. I was warmly greeted by Harry, Maya, Z and another millennial who goes by the name of “T”. She referred to me as Ms. King. Ms. King! Can you believe that? These kids obviously had some good home training and brought it to the workplace.

Now here is the kicker. I was in and out in under 20-minutes. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I’d brought my book, journal, a snack and my 1-gallon jug of water; as I was expecting this to be a three to four-hour visit.

It’s not every day you encounter young people with such a high level of Awareness, Professionalism, and Attention to detail, who exemplify such a high standard of customer service and customer care.  Both Lyft and Hertz are very fortunate to have these five young people representing their company.

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