If You Want to Make GOD laugh; Tell Him Your Plans!

People often times ask me what brought me to Baltimore. Duh! I’m having my #midlifecrises in Baltimore. lol. I believe Baltimore chose me.

We’ve all read the negative headlines about Baltimore’s inner-city crime. Yes. Unemployment is at an all-time high. African-American men and boys hang out on the corner at liquor stores in need of something to do and ways to make a positive contribution to their family and society. Crime is an issue in Baltimore, as it is in every big city in the United States of America. And yes, many of us base what we believe Baltimore is from the cable show back in the day, “The Wire”. I have to tell you that this show; does not wholly represent #CharmCity #Baltimore.

There are areas of Baltimore that need and deserve improvement. It’s been long overdue. I also believe it’s coming. There’s another side to Baltimore that not many people get to see. That side is every day working class people, the architecture (#RowHouses), the green, lush, rolling hill parks, micro-neighborhoods and weekly neighborhood festivals, the music and art scene, activism; along with the “window washer kids” who have made a way out of no way and not to mention the food scene (#SeaFoodFoodies). Baltimorians have a strong work ethic and B’Mo pride. Its people like Harry, Maya, Z, and T, who are apart from the Change that we all want to see in ourselves and our community, that make all the difference Because I chose Lyft, I get to interact with some amazing and sometimes colorful people; whether it’s in the car, at the gas pump, while driving on the road or inside of a Pep Boys on Harford Rd in Baltimore City, Md.

I told God my plans and he’s laughing loud. Having a midlife crisis, moving to The East Coast and driving for Lyft, were not apart of my plan. However, I know that I am here for a reason. I may not be clear on exactly where my place is; however, I am confident that I will find a way to insert myself where I can #BeTheChange that I want to see in myself, my community and the world.

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Photo Cred: Betty Wise (Pinterest) reservoirhill.net, Paul Mccardell (Baltimore Sun)

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