WHY Ride-Sharing is the Bomb!

Lyft works because WE work!

I say what people are thinking; but afraid to say!

We live in an era of “How does my brand, product, service or company become the most popular based on likes and follows VS HOW can we offer the best service, messaging and product; which will make us ultimately the BEST and the most popular. This is an interesting time in society, where we rely on social media posts and stats, customer-based reviews and even fake news as the determining factor for doing business with a company. To that, I say, “Invest in people. Ask questions, get curious and investigate for yourself”. Which is exactly what I do.  Lyft Excellence

I feel like a proud mama bear when I see young people bringing their A-Game to their workplace. I get nostalgic at the site of young people soaring in their lives. I do! I also get all mushy on the inside when I see people who look like me, who have most likely experienced some of the same things that I have, such as:



#Lower Pay




and some of those other “Isms” no one has named yet, but we know it’s coming – soaring in the workplace. When they excel – it gives all of us permission to Grow and Show up in our lives, community and in the world.

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