What’s rice without gravy?

I pulled up to pick up a passenger from a day care center, in what’s now referred to in the era of ‘Gentrification’ as Federal Hill, but known to Baltimorian’s as South Baltimore Lyft Chronicles March 4, 2020 A young twenty-something year old looking African-American full-sized brown skin attractive woman…

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Bald Gurlz Need Love too!

How I almost let being ‘Bald’ keep me in a Toxic relationship You’re worth More! No! I don’t have cancer! No! I’m not a survivor- unless you count surviving: . my childhood . Teenage years . 20’s-40’s AND now . My MidlifeCrisis No! My shaved head is not a new…

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Lyft Chronicles- I’m too damn OLD to start over

Monday’s are typically my unofficial day off from driving with Lyft; however, I think I’m addicted to my Dreams, Vision for my life and my Goals.  So, the conversation went  something like this: Lyft Passenger:  Hi Fylicia? It was the way she said it. I knew we were going to…

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