Inspirational Speaker

Fee King has survived her childhood. She believes you can and WILL too. Fee’s courage, determination and her testimony of hitting rock bottom have inspired those she’s had the great pleasure and honor to stand before; whether it’s in the capacity of:

  • On stage performing her NAACP-Nominated 1-woman show
  • Speaking before a group of peers in her Toastmaster’s International Club
  • Teaching her “Tell Your Story” Writing Workshop
  • Group Training Camps or One-On-One personal fitness training
  • Driving a Lyft passenger from point A to point B

Fee uses her story of living her life as a ‘Victim to Victorious’ over her circumstances to Inspire and Ignite the Fire that some have allowed others to put out in them.  She grew up in a single-parent household in Omaha, Ne in 1970.  Her story is unlike many stories, yet it’s unlike any story.  (I will add short descriptions from my show in here to go into greater detail)

She’s inspired countless people; both on the large and small stage,  that they too can and will break through, to discover their own untapped talents and infinite potential.  She’s No sheroe, yet she is a visionary and an actionable dreamer who shares her WHY in hopes that it will inspire you to dig deep for your life purpose and your WHY.  Fee believes that Today is Not promised and that if you are NOT living your life fully, fiercely and out loud NOW; then when?

Fitness Advocacy


Connect with me – Fee@Fee-King.Com