Lyft Chronicles- I’m too damn OLD to start over

Monday’s are typically my unofficial day off from driving with Lyft; however, I think I’m addicted to my Dreams, Vision for my life and my Goals.  So, the conversation went  something like this:

Lyft Passenger:  Hi Fylicia?

It was the way she said it. I knew we were going to get along.  She enters the back seta of the car, with her cell phone in hand; as she’s in the process of ending a phone call

Lyft Passenger- Cell Phone caller:  Bye Fylicia?

People just love to say that to me.

Lyft Driver:  Happy Monday. how’s your day?

She pauses and lets out a slight sigh

Lyft Passenger:  Uh! It’s okay. Could be better if I weren’t dealing with this morning sickness.

Lyft Driver:  I’m sorry to hear that.  However, congratulations on the baby

She half chuckles at herself

Lyft Passenger:  Not really.  I am too damn old to be havin babies. The last time I was pregnant was eighteen years ago.  He trapped me. I feel like I been set up

I then laugh at the notion of a man tricking a woman into having his baby

Lyft passenger:  You know how men say that women trap them. That’s how I feel.  And, he’s sixty years old.  He knew exactly what he was doing?

Lyft Driver:  Well, I believe there are no accidents or coincidences.  Things happen exactly as they are supposed to. Might seem like a mystery or even a negative; but I believe you are carrying a blessing inside of you.

I could hear the words coming from my mouth, I just didn’t quite recognize the voice. I don’t know why I was saying these things to this stranger; but they felt real and true

Lyft Passenger:  Everybody’s been telling me to abort it or give it up for an adoption.

Lyft Driver:  I personally think people should keep their negative opinions to themselves. No ne has the right to tell you what to do with your body.  Whatever you decide is your decisions

Lyft Passenger:  Well, I’m five months pregnant; so I’m definitely keeping it.

Lyft Driver:  What does your guy think about it?

Lyft Passenger:  Oh! I’m in this alone. He left.  His old ass said he’s not ready.  I think he either has a girlfriend or maybe even a wife.  We’d only been dealing with each other for a little less than a year

Lyft Driver:  I commend you for your courage. It’s not easy to do this alone; but again, I feel strongly that this baby is going to change your life

Lyft Passenger:  You’re the only person that has had anything good to say about this. Well, you and my brother.  He’s excited. HE told me to get out of Baltimore and come to Arizona to have my baby.

I then grabbed my cell phone to pull up a video

Lyft Driver:  My spirit is telling me to share this with you. I think you need to hear this right now

I click on a Will Smith video shared with me by my dear friend Tangie Ambrose’s instagram page.  Will says:

“Set your life on fire. Seek those that fan your flames. Don’t be hangin with no jank ass jokers (Philly saying) who don’t help you shine.”  The prerequisite for spending tie with any person at any time is that they nourish and inspire you?? By:  Will Smith

My passenger became a little teary-eyed

Lyft Passenger:  Thank you for that. I am going to do everything in my power to make sure this baby has everything he or she needs

We arrived at her location. She shook my hand and said thank you for being my Lyft driver today.

Lyft Driver:  Thank you for allowing me to be your Lyft driver and for allowing me to share.

Lyft provides me with much more than a means of creating revenue, freedom and flexibility. It allows my heart to open wider and to soften more, on a daily, basis to the humanity that is happening all around me.  Were it not for this platform, I wouldn’t encounter the incredible people that I do who are simply doing the best they can with what they know and where they are, in getting from point A figuratively and literally to point B.


While I can’t imagine what it must be like for a thirty-nine year old woman to find herself pregnant for the first time in almost two decades, single and alone – I do have compassion and sympathy.


Fee King