UpLyft Baltimore

 They say the best way to distract oneself from their own problems, is to ‘Be Of Service to others’ People often ask me out of all the cities I’ve lived in; which one do I like the best?  I find that people are both the same and different wherever you go.  The people of Baltimore City, Md are no different.

What is “UpLyft Baltimore”

It’s a Campaign
It’s a Mission
It’s a Movement

I created this movement to share with women; specifically, but NOT exclusively, the difference in running from our problems in learning how to run through them to get to the other side of happiness using physical fitness as the vehicle.  Women, over the age of 40, will show up and show out for their lives.  You will learn how to walk until you can jog, jog until you can run, run until you soar!  This form of ‘Moving Meditation’ will take each participant on a glorious tour of their very own neighborhoods, local parks, and historical sites.  We’ll engage our senses; while remembering WHO we are as beautiful, dynamic, powerful children of the most high.
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