Lyft Chronicles- I’m too damn OLD to start over

I moved to The DMV area 14 months ago. I’m living out my midlife crisis now in Baltimore, Md. Had someone told me I’d be living on the East Coast, driving for Lyft, full-time, while I rebuild my life, I would’ve accused them of being insane in the membrane. But, here I am. I am in the process of living my best life. While I rebuild and start again – I feel compelled to share my encounters with the incredible passengers that I believe have attracted me into their experience and them into mine. This is Lyft Chronicles Blog in dialogue format

What Lyft Teaches Me

What Lyft Teaches Me

Lyft teaches me to NOT judge a book by its cover… I’m always just a little uptight and clinched in the jaw when young people get into my Lyft car. …

WHY Ride-Sharing is the Bomb!

Lyft works because WE work! I say what people are thinking; but afraid to say! We live in an era of “How does my brand, product, service or company become …